Five Easy Steps to Beauty

One Easy Step to Profitability

Five hand-crafted, all-natural facial products in one package! That’s the BeautifulMe Collection from Hornby Island Soap, a 35-year old company, serving clients across British Columbia, Canada and the US, and around the world.

This specially created Collection features our five most popular facial care products, and is designed to help your clients look their best and feel their most beautiful.  It is my belief that every woman possesses inherent beauty, and I believe most women know that about themselves, which is why they’ll come back for the Collection and become loyal customers of your spa.


The only thing better than your clients choosing your spa is when they take a little piece of it home with them between visits. With Hornby Island’s BeautifulMe Collection, they will be reminded of their visit, and that wonderful pampered feeling they left with every time they use the products from this collection. All great news for your spa.

  • Product purchase and usage increases brand loyalty to you.
  • Choose private or white labeling for even greater brand affinity.
  • Extra profitability for your spa or retail outlet.
  • Encourages women to go from repeat customers to loyal clients.

Five easy steps to feeling beautiful

The BeautifulMe Collection makes women look their best and feel their most beautiful, naturally, easily, and affordably. These five luxuriant, all-natural facial products give your clients access to your spa treatment at home, and they require repeat usage to be effective over time. That means they will want to purchase more, either at their next spa visit or sooner.

  1. Wash with Cleanser and rinse, daily.
  2. Apply Exfoliant in circular motions for 3 minutes (1–3 times a week)
  3. Spray Toner over face and neck, daily.
  4. Apply Face Cream lightly on face and neck, daily.
  5. Apply Mud Mask thinly over face, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. (Once a week between Steps 2 & 3.)

Made from Olive Oil for Deep Softness

Most commercial facial cleansers and creams are based on coconut oil, but a number of years in Portugal introduced me to the natural wonders of olive oil. We all know that using olive oil to cook with or to have with salads is beneficial. I quickly noticed that using olive oil in facial products made skin feel clean, healthy and richly cleansed. Olive Oil is what sets BeautifulMe products apart from the competition. It will also be what sets your spa apart. You will be unique in offering olive oil based skin care products to your clientele.


Priced for maximum profit and repeat purchases

Sold separately, these five products – Cleanser, Exfoliant, Toner, Face Cream and Mud Mask – would retail for as much as $165. But through offering them as the BeautifulMe Collection, you could retail them for as little as $99. As you know, value is defined by price over quality. By that definition, the BeautifulMe Collection represents excellent value to you and your clients.

Our BeautifulMe Collection has already been selected by several spas for private labelling, including the Kingfisher Spa and Pure Spa.


Purchase the BeautifulMe Spa Package in groups of ten and we’ll give you a 50% discount, saving you and your customers money!

Individual orders

This delightful spa package is perfect as a gift for loved ones or that ‘me time’ that you need.