Hornby Island Soap Company’s products are locally made and contain only water, natural scents, and 100% pure extra-virgin olive oil.  We firmly believe in using only the most natural ingredients available and are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint.  With this in mind, all our labels are printed on recycled paper and all our waste materials are recyclable.

Being a local business ourselves, we are strong believers in locally owned and operated stores.  We cherish and respect our partnerships and are fully committed to developing loyal relationships with Vancouver Island retailers.

A Brief History of Hornby Island Soap


Hornby Island Soap’s creator, Colleen, had been hand-making soap for 30 years and selling it around her Hornby Island community for 20. When she was given a quantity of olive oil, Colleen thought she’d try making soap with it. She couldn’t believe it actually worked, and then using this new soap she realized just how amazing it was. Local hand-made, vegan ingredients in a bar that is gentle and wonderful to use. Friends started to want this 100% pure olive oil soap because it was so good. Popular demand made Colleen take her Hornby Island Soap to craft fairs and markets in the area.




IMG_1350Fast forward to 2011, Trina was a long time loyal customer of Hornby Island Soap. She contacted Colleen to come demonstrate soap-making to her Home Ec 12 class. As luck would have it, Colleen had been looking for an enthusiastic person to take over the company and had a good feeling about Trina when they met. The feeling was mutual as she was interested in soapmaking (and Hornby Island Soap in particular). Under Colleen’s experienced guidance, Trina has trained and planned for over a year and now she and her team are ready to present fine, 100% pure olive oil bar soaps to everyone!