Our new BeautifulMe Spa Package

Five Easy Steps to Beauty

One Easy Step to Profitability

Five hand-crafted, all-natural facial products in one package! That’s the BeautifulMe Collection from Hornby Island Soap, a 35-year old company, serving clients across British Columbia, Canada and the US, and around the world.

This specially created Collection features our five most popular facial care products, and is designed to help your clients look their best and feel their most beautiful.  It is my belief that every woman possesses inherent beauty, and I believe most women know that about themselves, which is why they’ll come back for the Collection and become loyal customers of your spa.


The only thing better than your clients choosing your spa is when they take a little piece of it home with them between visits. With Hornby Island’s BeautifulMe Collection, they will be reminded of their visit, and that wonderful pampered feeling they left with every time they use the products from this collection. All great news for your spa.

  • Product purchase and usage increases brand loyalty to you.
  • Choose private or white labeling for even greater brand affinity.
  • Extra profitability for your spa or retail outlet.
  • Encourages women to go from repeat customers to loyal clients.

Five easy steps to feeling beautiful

The BeautifulMe Collection makes women look their best and feel their most beautiful, naturally, easily, and affordably. These five luxuriant, all-natural facial products give your clients access to your spa treatment at home, and they require repeat usage to be effective over time. That means they will want to purchase more, either at their next spa visit or sooner.

  1. Wash with Cleanser and rinse, daily.
  2. Apply Exfoliant in circular motions for 3 minutes (1–3 times a week)
  3. Spray Toner over face and neck, daily.
  4. Apply Face Cream lightly on face and neck, daily.
  5. Apply Mud Mask thinly over face, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. (Once a week between Steps 2 & 3.)

Made from Olive Oil for Deep Softness

Most commercial facial cleansers and creams are based on coconut oil, but a number of years in Portugal introduced me to the natural wonders of olive oil. We all know that using olive oil to cook with or to have with salads is beneficial. I quickly noticed that using olive oil in facial products made skin feel clean, healthy and richly cleansed. Olive Oil is what sets BeautifulMe products apart from the competition. It will also be what sets your spa apart. You will be unique in offering olive oil based skin care products to your clientele.


Priced for maximum profit and repeat purchases

Sold separately, these five products – Cleanser, Exfoliant, Toner, Face Cream and Mud Mask – would retail for as much as $165. But through offering them as the BeautifulMe Collection, you could retail them for as little as $99. As you know, value is defined by price over quality. By that definition, the BeautifulMe Collection represents excellent value to you and your clients.

Our BeautifulMe Collection has already been selected by several spas for private labelling, including the Kingfisher Spa and Pure Spa.


Purchase the BeautifulMe Spa Package in groups of ten and we’ll give you a 50% discount, saving you and your customers money!

Individual orders

This delightful spa package is perfect as a gift for loved ones or that ‘me time’ that you need.

No more eczema! – Michele Rounds


My husband has eczema and tried everything else, I saw you at a fair and bought a bar of the unscented soap and he gave it a try, he has never had eczema since, until we ran out. In one days time it started to come back.  Within two days of using the olive oil soap it was gone.  Thank you so much.

Michele Rounds

Hornby Island Soap will be at a Touch of Salt Spring – Victoria

Touch of Salt Spring – Victoria
Christmas Craft Show 2015

Panorama Recreation Centre

Friday December 4th 10am – 8pm
Saturday December 5th 10am – 5pm
Sunday December 6th 10am – 5pm

1885 Forest Park Drive (North Saanich)

Admission: $5.00 for 3 day pass.

Featuring over 230 crafters and artisans of Salt Spring, BC and Alberta.

Check out the Touch of Salt Spring website for more details.

Panorama Recreation Centre

Find Hornby Island Soap at Kris Kringle 2015

Kris Kringle 2015

Beban Park Recreation Centre

Thursday, Nov. 26th 12am – 9pm
Friday, Nov. 27th 10am – 9pm
Saturday, Nov. 28th 10am – 6pm
Sunday, Nov. 29th 10am – 5pm

2300 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5J6

$ 10 Daily or $12 for 4 days, plus ANY KIND of Salvation Army Christmas Donation

Seniors & Students: $8
12 and under: FREE when accompanied by an adult.
Advance tickets only available at A&W Nanaimo restaurants.

For more info check out the Kris Kringle facebook page and website.

Beban Park Recreation Centre

I am loving the results – Ronella Mitchell


I have been using your clay bar and face cream for almost 2 months and I am loving the results. My skin has not looked or felt this great in years. 

I recommend it to my friends. I have been able to buy the clay bar in Life Style Market but am wondering if the face crème can be purchased anywhere besides online?

Thanks for your time. Peace and Love.


Ronella Mitchell

Look for Hornby Island Soap at the 38th Annual Creative Craft Fairs

Friday Nov. 6th –  Sunday Nov. 8th, 2015
G. R. Pearkes Rec. Centre
3100 Tillicum Rd. Victoria, BC

  • Fri, Nov 6 – Noon to 8pm
  • Sat, Nov 7 – 10am to 5pm
  • Sun, Nov 8 – 10am to 4pm


Public admission to the show is $5.50 per day
Or only $6.00 for all 3 days!
Children under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult free!

Check out the Creative Craft Fairs website and facebook page for more info.

Creative Craft Fairs

Thank You So Much – Tegan

Hello, I’ve been using the Clay Soap and Olive oil body Oil for the last 3 weeks, and I want to let you know how amazing I am finding your product! I have always struggled with eczema on my upper arms and never really found something that completely got rid of it, and the things that “helped” always dried out my skin so much. Not only is my eczema COMPLETELY gone, but my skin is the softest and the most moisturized it has ever been!! Thank you so much for making your product and having it available online to order! I am beyond happy with it and will recommend anyone I know to order it.

Thank you so much, Tegan

PS. Thanks also for the extra 2 Clay Bars you sent with the order; it is very, very appreciated.

I love it – Andrea


I’ve recently purchased your Super Cream and it’s a miracle worker, I love it. Thank you for your knowledge and time.

I am currently out of your product and seeking to obtain more as soon as possible, what retailers, if any, carry your product?


Hi there Andrea, you can easily order our products via the Products page. Shipping is part of the process.

I am finally running out, YIKES!! -Barbara Conrad

After using your 100% pure olive oil shampoo bar, I am finally running out, YIKES!! 
Can you tell me how I can get some more.  I am in Sidney, B.C..  Do you do any of the upcoming christmas markets here.  If not is it possible to order some and have it shipped to my home in Sidney.  Thank you, it is a great product!!
Barbara Conrad
Hi there Barbara, you can easily order our products via the Products page. Shipping is part of the process.

Hornby Island Soap info

100% Pure olive oil soap

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HIS-products shotHornby Island Soap Company’s products are locally made and contain only water, natural scents, and 100% pure extra-virgin olive oil.  We firmly believe in using only the most natural ingredients available.

We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint. With this in mind, all our labels are printed on recycled paper and all our waste materials are recyclable.

Being a local business ourselves, we are strong believers in locally owned and operated stores.  We cherish and respect our partnerships and are fully committed to developing loyal relationships with Vancouver Island retailers.

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